A word about us

Whether it be in the world of sports or the Arts, the best in the world have a coach. The science and art of coaching are now in support of new leaders in organizations.

Nicole St-Amour and Marc Davidson had the vision, in 1997, to participate in the growth of coaching. They organized the First Canadian Symposium on Coaching, and after more than a year of planning and organizing, more than 200 people gathered at the Westin Hotel in Ottawa in November 1998 to articulate their vision of coaching. Since that time, numerous organizations that offer coaching services have been created.

Marc’s experience in the corporate sector, coupled with Nicole’s expertise in the adult learning field constitutes a unique offer for their clients. This allows them to address a wide range of coaching situations.

Equi Coaching is proud to offer you the result of many years of study and practice in the art of being a coach. Since 1995, they are evaluating and reflecting on the best methods to accompany managers and leaders in our organizations. They offer a personalized coaching program that allows their clients to develop the new perspectives and practices required to attain the desired results.

Whether you are an engineer, an analyst, an accountant, a lawyer or a manager expert in your field – you will probably need at some point in your career to develop some skill in coaching, in communication or in team development. Equi coaching has specialized in this domain. Their interventions occur with individuals who wish to develop new capabilities in leadership and presence, management or coaching skills as well as with teams who wish to enhance their capacity to collaborate, develop a shared vision and/or develop a strategic plan. It is by engaging their clients in an inspired manner, by focusing on reflection and different perspectives that the learning is optimized.