A word about us : Nicole St-Amour

Nicole is a leadership, somatic and team coach as well as a facilitator. She lives in the Ottawa region and is fully bilingual. She has had lifelong interest in the development of people and teams from a performance standpoint. Her passion for coaching continued to grow and culminated in the opening of her coaching practice in 1998, Vision Success. Nicole has also dedicated more than 16 years to social and community services and an additional 5 years to the corporate sector.

She completed her formal learning by following two distinct branches of study: the academic branch with college level studies in finance, followed by university level studies in education, facilitation and psychology; and a more organic branch with coaching studies at different schools, such as the Coaching Network (Toronto 1998), New Ventures West (San Francisco 2003) and the Strozzi Institute (San Francisco 2006). This journey enabled her to greatly deepen her understanding of the human being and to develop her competencies in group facilitation. Mrs. St-Amour has accumulated more than 2500 hours of individual coaching and more than 1000 hours in group facilitation.

She has the presence and listening skills needed to facilitate a constructive group dialogue as well as the attention required such that each individual feels included and important. She has also been sought after on a number of occasions as a facilitator to guide strategic planning discussions, team building meetings and training and learning initiatives.

Some of her accomplishments have been the launching of the first Canadian symposium on Coaching (1998); the launching of a personal coaching program « Prosperity Now » with her friend and colleague Sameen D’All (1999); the creation of a tool to develop a personal or business vision, as well as a personal and professional action plan « The Launching Pad » (2000); and the delivery of a coaching program within the Federal Government (2006 to 2008).

Her partnering with many business associates : Marie-Catherine Laduré (Time on My Side-1998), Hélène Meloche (Communications-2000) and Hélène Beauchemin (HKBP- 2008-9) as well as Gordon Collins (The Coaching Network - 1998-2009) have enabled her to make great leaps in both her learning and development as well as in her contribution as an entrepreneur and professional coach.

Her clients to date include the federal Government of Canada, the Bank of Canada, the Heart Institute of the University of Ottawa, the Executive MBA (Telfer) of Ottawa University, the Government of Québec as well as many entrepreneurs and consultants.