Our approach
The EQUI coaching model is premised on people and team
engaging in coaching because they are seeking certain results.

Just as every individual and every organisation are uniquely different so is the EQUI coaching journey. With a base philosophy, each coaching journey is customized according to the client’s specific needs.

The philosophy assists in creating new meanings, actions and behaviours, builds to achieving the desired outcome and the ongoing development of skills and resources for life long evolution.

Our coaching model is simple.

People and team engage with us in coaching because they are seeking certain results, to name a few:

  • Developing a learning organisation
  • Developing coaching or mentoring skills
  • Developing leadership skills such as; speaking, listening, motivating and influencing others, having difficult conversations, delegating, etc.
  • Creating a vision and a strategy
  • Learning how to be more effective with their board
  • Improving work / life balance
  • Initiating and / or adapting to a career / organizational change
  • Adapting to a new mandate