" An effective team leader, motivator, a pleasant personality, and a pleasure to work with is how I would describe Nicole St-Amour who led the 2008 Member-Guest Tournament Committee at the Outaouais Golf Club. I would not hesitate to participate in any event where Nicole is involved. "

Carol Viau

" Managing a busy and expanding consulting practice in public policy and administration for over 15 years, taking on increasingly complex files while constantly changing everything from the tools I use in my work, to the ways I contract for business, has taken its toll. Is it ever going to get any easier? Am I getting too old for this game? What am I doing this for anyway? In the midst of a potentially paralyzing existential conundrum, Nicole St. Amour came to my rescue. She helped me to reconnect with why I do what I do, to see where I’m having an impact and what it is that makes me effective. Her advice and support has helped generate in me the energy and drive to keep developing, learning, and doggedly pursuing opportunities to make a difference, which is where I extract nearly all my job satisfaction. Her extraordinary listening skills and quiet wisdom are helping me chart a way forward in "mid life" and pursue the right course correction—the one that will ensure I put every last bit of potential I have into leaving the world a better place."

Sarah Hurman
President and CEO
Interface Strategies Inc.

" As a team, Marc and Nicole take the time to get to know their clients, their needs and the expected result.  They arrive at meetings well prepared and compliment each other with their different approaches. Marc and Nicole do not impose their views or opinions but facilitate discussions so they advance and arrive at the expected outcome !"

Renée Fairweather
Director General
Strategic Communications stratégiques
Official Languages Champion

" Nicole, during our work together, I very much enjoyed your holistic approach to meeting my developmental needs. I found you extremely organized, professional and trustworthy. You helped me to better understand myself and those around me. Nicole, You helped me on several occasions to face difficult issues (both personal and professional). I knew that I could count on you to be available and give me excellent advise. I trusted that you had my best interest at heart. You always listened attentively and were very perceptive to the underlying issues.

The exercises you gave me to help further develop myself both personally and professionally were, and continue to be, very beneficial to me. Please know that I will not hesitate to recommend your coaching services to anyone who is looking to further develop themselves. "

Diane Mainville
Manager, Regulations, Research & Analysis Division
Canadian Transportation Agency

" Marc Davidson was my personal and executive coach for the past few years. I have found that he is exceptional at helping an individual set and achieve their personal goals. Marc was insightful at assessing the areas I could focus on that would best benefit from his help. Marc followed the assessment with a well-structured plan that had measurable outcomes, and a wealth of exercises and practices. He was relentless in his follow-up to help keep me on track and realize my goals. Marc draws on significant experience and always seems able to ground what he is suggesting with real life examples."

Ron McGregor
Director, Quality and Regulatory Affairs
MDS Nordion

" The approach you taught me towards developing more balance in my life, starting with a personal vision was excellent. And it’s paying off. Your professional coaching frameworks, real world and personal examples, plus the reference books you recommended for further insight were helpful in establishing a discipline that so many people lack for building more balance in their lives. I also found your style to be one very well suited to coaching.

Your experience and your overall approach to approaching my challenges I think helped a lot in establishing your credibility and trust with me. "

Peter M. Evans
Riverdale Partners


Here are comments from participants of workshops :

" Nicole's courses on the art of coaching are a must for mentoring managers - a real gem. "

" This workshop showed me practical interpersonal skills that are not only important
professionally, but also personally. They show the value of traits that are often ignored
including LISTENING, BODY LANGUAGE, and TONE. A useful experience. "

" This workshop helped me appreciate the purpose of coaching and its practical application
and see the possibility of helping to make situations better. "