The Individual Journey

Somatic and Leadership Coaching

In the broadest sense of the word, our body is the reservoir for all of our past experiences, what we have become, the capacities we have developed and our automatic behaviours. Our body also represents a potential to bring into action. Everyday, we open or close ourselves to different possibilities in tempering our mood, modulating our voice, by being present or not, by evoking trust or mistrust in others- in short, by expressing our leadership.

Our leadership lives through our presence, our gaze, our posture and our tone of voice. Similarly, our purpose is conveyed by the words we say and the actions we take. Somatic coaching is a unique method which builds upon your commitment and transforms your body and automatic ways of being into real capabilities that can support you in achieving what is important to you.

Somatic coaching is the foundation that allows us to explore what is meant by " inhabiting our body " : clarifying our ideas, our beliefs and our interpretations; feeling our emotions and being able to put these into words so as to inspire and guide others; being aware of our will and being able to bring it in action.

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