The Individual Journey

Each business, personal or professional coaching relationship is initiated by a first meeting in order to meet with you, mutually decide if the necessary chemistry is present and if so, begin building the trust based relationship necessary to coaching. This is followed by the development of a coaching program. A coaching contract will confirm the mutual understanding and desire to pursue a coaching journey.

Business Coaching

Are you the leader in your business or organisation ?

Do you have important decisions to take and do you have personnel to guide, develop or manage ?

Do you wish to start your own business ? Are you unsure of how to start and how to proceed ?

Are you a senior leader or manager in a public, private or non-profit organisation ?

Have you been recently promoted to a management position from a prior position in an operations or technical area ?

Are you a leader in an organisation accountable to a Board of Directors ? Are you the chairperson of a Board of Directors with the responsibility of managing a General Manager ?

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