The Group Journey

1. Coaching as a way of being. A five month introductory program to initiate the development of coaching capability in your organization

An initial 2-3 day Coaching Fundamentals for all participants to define what coaching can be in your organization and explore with Coaching fundamentals

A 5 month practice field for each participant :
    • Each coach-participant is paired with one or more learning partners in your organisation ;
    • Each coach-participant is paired with a Professional Coach ;
    • Coaching circles to allow coaches to deepen their learning experience and to provide the opportunity for full-team or individual follow-ups throughout the course of the program.

Purpose :

To develop or enhance the capability to be a coach in a business or organisational perspective.

Outcomes :

Participants will be more skillful in fostering mutual respect and trust with the people they coach ;

Participants will be more able to recognize openings and opportunities for coaching e.g. make a coaching offer, have an informal coaching conversation that is appropriate for the given circumstances, have a formal coaching conversation with an employee to enhance performance, provide timely and continuous feedback ;

Participants will be competent to begin to coach others, resulting in :
    • Achievement of short term goals by those being coached ;
    • Improved long term performance by those being coached: Over time, they will become increasingly able to improve on their own, and make the necessary adjustments when they revert back to their old ways.
    • Sustained improvement in leadership and coaching skills by participants ;
    • The new coaches and learning partners will demonstrate more initiative, productive capability and reduced stress levels.
A preliminary meeting will allow us to evaluate the needs of your organisation and adapt this program as necessary.

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